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Chocolate from Friends

Fancy a bit of raw Chocqlate?

We never tried our hands on making chocolate. What a relieve that we have colleagues who are good or even very good at that. That's why we now offer Choqlate – probably “the world's most natural raw chocolate,“ as founder Julia Brodbeck claims. 


Unlike other chocolate makers, Chocqlate does not mix the topping material into the chocolate mass. They prefer to sprinkle them on top. More than just being easy on the eye this is the opener for a very special taste experience where your palate can capture the chocolate's full aroma and the topping separately.

Notwithstanding their high cocoa content, our Virgin Cacao chocolates surprise with unexpected mildness and creaminess. And at 20µ our chocolate is finer ground than the standard of common milk chocolates.

The mildness is a result of our chocolate making process, our special “virgin“ cocoa beans and our carefully selected ingredients. That means anyone who wants to dabble with dark chocolate should try CHOCQLATE!

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We now have five varieties on offer. 

We're sure you're going to like them. Look out for our bundle offers together with BecksCocoa.