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Fantastic Cocoas deserve fantastic Containers.

That's why we present our full cocoa range in sustainable tin cans.

Why do we do that? Any packaging, especially when it encases food, should be designed to be more than just an eye pleaser. When filled with cocoa powder its task is to keep odours and moisture at bay, preserve the many aromas and protect the contents from transport damage. For us it was a simple choice: We want the best for our cocoas, for all cocoa lovers and for the planet. And so we went for 100% recyclable tin cans with easy to peel off paper labels.  That makes it easy to dispose them. And if you decide to go a step further, just upcycle them: Use them to grow garden cress on your windowsill, to plant orange seeds or to build tealight lanterns? Just make sure you're idea is stylish, practical and fresh.

The shift was introduced with the two new blends T.E. Lawrence and Sinnerman forte. Our long-time classic As I went out walking has also made the shift to aluminium by now. The rest of our range is to follow step by step.

After all, the best cocoas should go into the best possible packaging!