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BecksCocoa Gifts and Gift Sets

The full Range of our specialty Cocoas.

We believe that good things are there to share. That's exactly the reason why BecksCocoa's specialty cocoas always are the perfect gift. Whether it's meant to be just a token of appreciation or to make up for a major blunder. For those quiet moments of enjoyment. Or for that stunning effect of surprise. Our trial sets encapsulate BecksCocoa's entire range of products. They are an invitation to explore and rediscover. No measuring, no spilling – the handy 25g sachets make it easier than ever to prepare your favourite drink. The cocoa trial set includes (almost) all our cocoas. For a collection of cocoa and chai specials go for the Large trial set. 

Wondering where to get enough mugs for all these different flavours? Easy! At BecksCocoa we have cocoa mugs, thermo mugs and other essential accessories for bean lovers.  The BecksCocoa cocoa mug is available in four different colours (orange, purple, green, blue).
12 ounces of pure cocoa splendour – that's how much you can pour into the fine porcelain from the famous Walküre manufactory in Bayreuth. And with the thermo mug in stylish BecksCocoa design you can rest assured your favourite drink won't go cold when you are on the road.

The New Breakfast
Four types from BecksCocoa for your lavish breakfast.

With the help of the included recipe booklet and the Criollo, Nude, A Chockwork Orange and The Fudge cocoas you can now serve up the perfect breakfast. Spread, bread, a chocolate smoothie and a hot chocolate. Wow!

To give away or for yourself and your loved ones at home.


That awful weather is going to come back. We bet you.

And in tow our box for those ghastly weather conditions, recipe booklet included. Designed to drive out your cold shivers, or those of the recipients. Sinnerman forte without sugar, Chill Bill (did we mention we put on the heat?), Before Nine (for afterwards) and Dschindscha (in case the rain gave you a cold).  

And remember, the box upgrades not only your own cupboard. We are sure your good friends appreciate that.

Large/Small Trial Box
Can't make your mind up?

Thought so! That's why we packed all our cocoas (with or without chai lattes) in a box so you can sample one after the other in the comfort of your home. 

 No handle? How peculiar 

Cocoa mugs, currently available in four stylish colours

Orange, purple, green and since recently also in blue. Handles were dropped because we want you to grasp with both hands to warm hands and soul. They are designed for one sachet and lots of hot milk. 12 ounces to be specific. And oat milk, if you like.