“Chill Bill“ revives an ancient Love Potion

A recipe for Valentine's Day and beyond

Tamara Schuhwerk
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Bitter, sweet and spicy hot at the same time: This love potion concocted by the Aztecs and Maya wields its tempting power not only on Valentine's Day and is guaranteed to impress. Part of a lavish breakfast this easy to prepare drink sets up an amorous day, it's an aperitif idea for a romantic dinner, a desert alternative and undoubtedly a hot alternative to prosecco and champagne.



1.5 vanilla pods

500ml milk (best results with oat milk or organic milk)

50g Chill Bill (or another luxury cocoa and spice up with a knife tip of chilli powder)

Honey to your liking


Dim down the light and turn on your favourite music. Slowly heat the milk to make it simmer. Cut open the vanilla pods and sink them in the milk for 10 minutes so they can release the fullness of their rounded taste and unique sweetness. As a side effect the alluring fragrance infuses the room much longer than that.

Take the vanilla pods and scrape the seeds into the milk. Do not bin the precious pods – read our reuse hint below!

Froth the milk and fill two cups until half full. Next add 25g BecksCocoa Chill Bill to each cup and give a vigorous stir. Check whether love potion is sweet enough and add honey, if you feel you need to up the ante.

To complete the drink fill the cups with the rest of the frothed vanilla milk and sprinkle cocoa powder on top.


Tip: To reuse the scraped out vanilla pods dry them after a thorough rinsing and store them in a glass vessel. This preserves them so you can use them once moreto flavour milk or sauces. Or follow kitchen traditions and steep them in sugar or alcohol. Or grind them finely.