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The perfect upcycling item: The BecksCocoa can

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The perfect upcycling item: The BecksCocoa can

An aluminium can transformed into a sustainable gift with deliciousness heritage. An idea, powered by Lenas Kreativliebe.

It may be the smell of your favourite childhood meal or the air after a summer rain on a hot humid day. There are scents that take us back to bygone days. Probably everyone recognises one or the other unmistakable aroma that has become intertwined with childhood days. But we just aren't aware of it, unless we happen to be confronted with them.

Fragrant childhood reminiSCENCE: Apple pancake and a cup of cocoa

It's still the same sensation when I eat apple pancakes. The sweet scent of apple and cinnamon instantly takes me back to my childhood days. As a young girl I often went to my best friend's home right after school. Her grandma used to come for visits quite regularly and knew that we loved apple pancakes more than anything. So she pampered us with apple pancakes, fried in lots of butter. They were the best in the world with thin apple slices and plenty of cinnamon sugar on top. To go with it we were given a big mug of hot chocolate, of course made with warm milk. It was pure heaven!

Us two girls, we were in apple chocolate wonderland. Even today the smell of pancakes and hot chocolate brings back childhood memories. It simply has become part of me. Apple pancakes are served less often now, but during the cold months a cup of hot chocolate remains an essential ingredient of my indulgent moments. And while I'm a right coffee addict in normal life a cup of hot chocolate continues to be something special, a getaway from the hustle and bustle.

Presents for favorite people

You're probably familiar with the concept of little gifts that keep friendships alive. The idea behind it is not to worry about WHAT to give. What matters is that it comes straight from the heart. Yes, it may sound a bit banal, but there is a lot of truth behind it. All the more when the recipient realises that enormous pondering went into choosing the right present.

Avoid the pitfalls

Selecting the right gift can spiral into a full-blown disaster. I'm not an avid tea drinker, and neither do I particularly enjoy long hot baths. And now guess what presents I tend to get. Right: Tea and bubble baths. I bet you had an experience like this. So the question is: Are there any gift ideas that appeal to everyone?

Little gift ideas that make an impact

I have come up with a nifty gift idea that should light up quite a few folks. One that also translates into clever upcycling. The idea I'm talking about is to use theBecksCocoa aluminium cans as a gift box. After all, it would be a pity to consign them to the dust bin. They are ideally sized for small items and their smooth surface makes them perfect for upcycling!

Enjoy your cocoa, start getting handy – and surprise a favourite person

Of course, step one is to the enjoy the delicious BecksCocoauntil the can is empty ;-) Ideally, you call in support from a good friend, from friends' children or the friendly neighbour next door. Once the aluminium can is ready for upcycling – more specifically: for use in a new way – it's your chance to do something good. Save it from the dust bin and transform it into a small-gift packaging that will delight recipients!

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Upcycling idea for bon viveurs and botanists

Filled with home-made snacks or as a cachepot for ornamental plants or herbs, the aluminium cans are great to enter a second life. And in case the recipient didn't get a taste of the original content we recommend you add a can of Michel for good measure. The Michel is a very special choc-lad. On top of its intense chocolate note it also imparts a hunch of cinnamon and nutmeg – subtle enough, though to make sure the chocolate keeps its predominant role. I love its taste: not too sweet, and something very special because of the spices. As a sporadic cocoa drinker I can only fondly recommend it.
But this is not to say that Michel is the only great BecksCocoa blend. Cocoas such as Chill BillSinnerman forte or A Chockwork Orange do not only boast brilliant product names. Much more than that they belong to nineteen drinking chocolates that are made with some of the world's best cocoa varieties. Wherever possible, the makers use fair traded organic quality ingredients. The sweetness comes from cane sugar or coconut sugar, and carefully selected spices and natural aromas let you experience a whole new world of tastes. Try their trial sets, if you'd like to sample your way through the specialty cocoas.

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Bliss balls – healthy snack and a delicious filling for the gift can

As a gift idea for you I have come up with a recipe for bliss balls made of cocoa, coconut and dates. The sweet round confections are a healthy alternative when you crave for something sweet! It doesn't take long to prepare them and they are a lovely gift idea with ultimate enjoyment. Have you ever heard of bliss balls before? I first came across them in a pregnancy guide. Bliss balls are small balls, mostly made of nuts and dried fruit. Other popular ingredients are linseed, nut purée, puffed amaranth, chia or quinoa. It's a wide field for experimentations. All combinations are healthy and nutritious. Try to find your own favorite recipe. 

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