“My Thinking is built on Scents and Aromas.“

Michael Beck gets personal

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Why cocoa is Michael's taste of youth. Why the BecksCocoa sachets make travelling easier. And what inspires him to create a new drinking chocolate flavour. Cocoa connoisseur Michael Beck tells us all that in a very personal account. Read why he is so enamoured with the versatility of the bitter brown bean.

A walk in spring, capped off by a hot cup of BecksCocoa Criollo! 100 per cent pure cocoa, no sugar. An enjoyment that dispels even the last kernel of spring tiredness from mind and body. That's a fantastic thing. But you know what? That's not enough for me. As a young man I never wanted to leave my home patch. Why? I dreaded the thought of being stranded without cocoa. That's the full truth and not one word exaggerated. Milk! Cocoa! Without these two essentials nothing gets me going – be it winter, spring or summer.

Cocoa for every State of Mind

Even my earliest childhood memories are flavoured with the taste of cocoa. I was awfully picky, a lousy eater. Little else than fresh milk and cocoa could tempt me. In order to get me eating my mother would fill vegetable purée in a feeding bottle and put a piece of chocolate in my mouth. That was the only way to bring something wholesome down to my stomach. Chocolate is the taste of my life.

There can be no doubt: I'm a cocoa freak. And that's why only the best would do. But when nothing met my expectations I started to mix my own flavours, for every situation in life and for every state of mind: Lavender cocoa for long thoughtful walks, liquorice cocoa Dr. No for a cup of refined typically North-German pungency, or Bergamotte cocoa Drachenherz , the Earl Grey of the chocolate world ...

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Random Inspirations

My guidance? I follow my nose and pick up every smell. Even my thinking is built on smells, scents and aromas. Out of nowhere, something novel whizzes by. I read a recipe, discover a new spice, anything ... and before you know it my brain starts to churn. When I take a walk in the forest and happen to brush past foliage, I pick up its scent. Did you ever smell a Robinia flower (false acacia)? Unbelievable! Ever since I recently caught a whiff of them I wonder what I can do with it ... things like that happen all the time.

It's all about the Idea in the Head

My blends do not so much originate in the kitchen. At first they crop up in my head. To give you an example: After the recipe for my “Om“ chai had been swirling in my head for half a year, all it took me was half an hour in the kitchen before the ingredients were balanced right! What matters most when you make a cocoa? The milk. Use fresh whole milk (3.5% fat). As an alternative you may choose oat milk. Just make sure you don't heat above 80°C because beyond that point delicate chocolate aromas disappear. Oh, and to get back to my youth-time concerns about a lack of cocoa: Problem solved. Nowadays I take cocoa sachets with me. You might want to do just the same.