Is Cocoa the new Coffee?

Five Reasons why you should drink Cocoa more often

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Is Cocoa the new Coffee?

Here at BecksCocoa our passion for cocoa is undiminished. There are many reasons behind our excitement around the dark beans. Here's the top 5:

Cocoa is invigorating and energising

1. Similar in effect to caffeine, but more evenly and longer lasting, the theobromine found in cocoa beans stimulates the nervous system and relaxes your blood vessels. Whether you need a smooth starter in the morning or an energy kick in the afternoon, cocoa is always the right choice.


Cocoa calms nerves and beats hunger pangs

2. Other than caffeine that knocks many coffee drinkers off balance too often, the effects of cocoa are known to be easy on the system. More than just being invigorating, theobromine also lifts the mood and calms nerves. We suggest you do like the Maya and Aztecs: prepare your favourite cocoa, grab a few minutes of tranquility and focus your senses to capture the taste and scent? #michelig


Cocoa is liquid food

3. Cocoa is a natural product packed with antioxidants and rich in nutrients such as magnesium, zinc and iron. And best of all, there is a plethora of ways to make the acerbic bean part of any normal day: Use it to make your Superfood Smoothie, to refine savoury food or to top off your beloved Tiramisu  – there's always a way to add extra joy. 


Cocoa makes you happy

4. We all know the feeling: In the dark season or after a stressing day a soul warmer calms you down and makes you feel OK! The reason: Cocoa affects our serotonin levels, and in tandem the output of hormones that make us happy and relaxed. Most Germans seem to be aware of that. According to this study they consume roughly 10kg of chocolate each year. #welikecocoa

The right cocoa for every situation in life: Find your favourite

5. Lavender cocoa “As I went out walking“ for long, thoughtful walks, “T.E. Lawrence“  mocha for a reviving caffeine boost and a breath of far-eastern morning air, the “Michel“ for your fix of chocolate or our frappé “White Wedding“ as a white coconut-refreshment to cool you down ... BecksCocoa has got the right cocoa for any life situations and state of mind.

Indulge in your very personal moment of happiness.
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