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Our cocoas are compositions made with a whole lot of love and creative skill. And with only the best raw materials good enough to go into a BecksCocoa our nineteen cocoa specialty blends marry the world's best cocoa powders with cane sugar or coconut sugar, spices and natural aromas. Give in to this sweet temptation, hot in your cup. We produce our Munich drinking chocolate with fair trade and organic ingredients wherever this is possible.  

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Chai Latte

Less sweetness and no artificial additives – that's how we like to fill our Chai cups. Find out about the three offbeat flavours we dedicated to India's national drink: 
•   Masala
•   Matcha/Marzipan
•   Rooibos/Mango for those who prefer a decaf
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Experience that unique summer feeling with an invigorating iced treat that comes with a distinct fruity touch: Our Nude and White Wedding frappés are blended with cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla and a hint of coconut.  With a combination like that in hand who needs to plan a holiday?

Sachets for the Undecided and Explorers!

Sweet Mysteries:
The Stories behind our Cocoa Recipes

Discover our new drinking chocolate Beet me up! Arrives in our online shop in August and at retail outlets in September!

Often it is a spontaneous idea, possibly a spark with no serious intentions. For instance, our new flavour Beet me up! (available online starting in August, stationary retail to follow in September) was born during a conference in Berlin. What started as a laugh about a beetroot dish soon became an inspiration. Soon after the response on the trade fairs was overwhelming. So fascinated by the idea to create a beetroot cocoa our brains just couldn't stop pondering about matching ingredients and the workability of the root.

Sweet Mysteries 

Chilled Chocolate 2.0 - 5 Recipes you're going to love

The renaissance of chilled chocolate picked up momentum last year when freakshakes emerged as THE trend setting drink on social media. This time of the year the wildly colourful, over the top hot chocolate creations are off on their summer break, making space for their chilled cousins. We have to admit the classic recipe is our favourite: two delicious scoops of vanilla ice cream bathing in luscious chocolate milk, slowly adding creaminess. After a sneaky sample of the cocoa-sprinkled whipped cream head the spoon slowly works it into the milk. Pure bliss...!

Chilled Chocolate 

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Fair Cocoa - Bean to Tin

In the world of chocolate the term "bean to bar" tells you that every step from the bean to the chocolate bar was performed by the chocolatiers themselves to ensure highest quality. BecksCocoa is not a chocolate maker and relies on various partners. But there's one thing we can guarantee in our cocoa production: Our cocoa is fair "from bean to tin" - from the cocoa bean all the way to our sustainable tin can.

Fair Cocoa 

Our Cocoa - a real Superfood?

Superfoods promise to be full of health benefits. Cocoa has actually proven it can deliver on some of them. In this post we explain which boxes food needs to tick to be admitted to our list of superfoods.

Cocoa Superfood

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