We create and combine our nineteen cocoa specialties with the best fairtrade cocoas you can get with raw cane sugar or coconut blossom sugar, spices and natural flavours to a sweet indulgement. When ever possible we use organic ingredients for our drinking chocolates. Thinking and acting sustainable, our saying in quality. The packaging we use is completely recyclable.


Less sweetness and no artificial additives – that's how we like to fill our Chai cups.
Find out about the three offbeat flavours we dedicated to India's national drink: 
•   Masala
•   Matcha/Marzipan
•   Rooibos/Mango for those who prefer a decaf


Super premium organic hazel nuts and cashews are combined with best cocoas.
Our spreads have a high content of nuts, though less sweet. Sensational the chocolaty nutty flavour, eaten directly from a spoon or on a bread. Use it as a topping on ice cream or in your daily porridge, for baking and cooking.
Bothe the spreads are vegan and glutenfree.


Experience that unique summer feeling with an invigorating iced treat that comes with a distinct fruity touch:  Our Nude and White Wedding frappés are blended with cocoa butter, Bourbon vanilla and a hint of coconut.   With a combination like that in hand who needs to plan a holiday? 

The Fudge-Käsekuchen-Torte 

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Während ich mit meiner Tasse heißem THE FUDGE dasaß, kam in mir die Frage auf, was man mit diesem schokoladigen Geschmackshighlight noch so alles zaubern kann. Bei einem weiteren Schluck kam mir dann die perfekte Idee: THE FUDGE soll in einer Käsekuchen-Torte meiner ganzen Familie die Sprache verschlagen. Und was bei meiner Familie klappt, klappt ganz sicher bei allen Geschmacksenthusiasten da draußen. Jetzt wäre ich halt auch nicht ich, wenn ich es für mich behalten würde. Ein einfaches Rezept für euch, damit ihr eure Familie, Freunde oder auch einfach nur euch selbst unwahrscheinlich lecker schokoladig-karamellig verwöhnen könnt.


Glutenfree Crêpe-Cake

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This gluten free crepe cake is a perfect treat, wether for mother's father's- or birthdays. It is easy to make and is a big woohoohoo. Both of our spreads fit perfectly for it, so it's up to you, wether you use Wellutata or Dschanduia


Fair cacao - Fair from bean to tin 

In the world of chocolate the term "bean to bar" tells you that every step from the bean to the chocolate bar was performed by the chocolatiers themselves to ensure highest quality. BecksCocoa is not a chocolate maker and relies on various partners. But there's one thing we can guarantee in our cocoa production: Our cocoa is fair "from bean to tin" - from the cocoa bean all the way to our sustainable tin can.

Fair Kakao