Juicy Chocolate Waffles with Cheesecake Cream
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All you need for fluffy juicy chocolate waffles 

Ingredients for about 15 square chocolate waffles with cheesecake cream

Orange cheesecake cream

1 tsp orange zest (ORGANIC quality)

2 tbsp orange juice

200g mascarpone

200g cream cheese

1 sachet vanilla sugar

50g icing sugar

Chocolate Waffles

250g flour

50g Becks Cocoa BEET me up! 

2 tsp baking powder

60g brown raw sugar

1 sachet vanilla sugar

1/2 tsp salt

2 eggs (size L)

40g caster sugar

75g neutral flavour cooking oil

420g whole milk

optional: 75g dark chocolate


Freshly cut orange slices

Chocolate chips for decoration

Cheesecake cream with a hint of orange:

simple and easy to prepare: 

The best starting point for your chocolate waffles is the cream topping. Give the cream cheese and mascarpone (refined with a fruity orange note) ample time in the fridge before you dollop it on the steaming fresh waffles.

Wash the rind of the ORGANIC orange under hot water and pat it dry. Grind fine shreds of zest from one half of the orange. (Be careful not to rub into the pith. It tastes bitter.) Cut the orange in half and squeeze one piece. Use the other half to cut decorative slices or quarters from it.

In a small bowl combine the mascarpone and the cream cheese. Add vanilla sugar and icing sugar and beat the mix until smooth, adding a teaspoon of orange zests and about two tablespoons of orange juice. Put the orange cheesecake cream in the fridge and leave to cool

All you need for fluffy juicy chocolate waffles 

Next in line is the waffle batter. The first thing you do is to pre-heat your waffle maker. Make sure you have some butter and a heat-resistant brush ready to grease the iron. Rather than with oil I prefer to grease with butter because in my experience it lets the waffles come off more easily.

In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour, the BEET me up! and the baking powder with brown sugar, vanilla sugar and the salt. Separate the eggs. While you whisk the egg whites stiff, pour in the sugar. When done, mix the egg yolks with the oil and the milk. 

Separating the contents of the eggs in this recipe will pay off with extra fluffiness.

Use the back of your hand to create a well or depression in the flour and fill in the egg yolk mix. Beat all ingredients into a batter and don't worry about any pockets of flour. Now fold in the stiff egg whites until the batter is smooth.

If you like, you can add finely chopped or grated dark chocolate when you fold in the egg whites. The odd chunk of chocolate in the baked waffles is a find that charms me every time.

Brüsseler Waffeln
mit BecksCocoa