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Exciting Details about a very emotional Type of Food

Our Cocoa – a real Superfood?

 Superfoods promise to be full of health benefits. Cocoa has actually proven it can deliver on some of them. In this post we want to explain which boxes food needs to tick to be admitted to our list of superfoods.

Upfront, let me tell you there is no comprehensive or legally binding definition of what a superfood is. According to the German Nutrition Society (DGE) the buzzword covers foods that are very rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals or antioxidants and therefore have a positive effect on health and well-being. Nowadays exotic food such as chia seeds, acai berries and moringa seeds competes with regional heroes such as linseed, beetroots, rose hip or the stinging nettle, vying for the attention and favour of conscientious consumers. In that competition cocoa at times rises into the limelight before it gets overshadowed by others.

 Good for your Blood Circulation

That lack of exposure conceals one of the best plant-based sources of magnesium. Raw cocoa such as BecksCocoa contains more calcium than milk, is a rich source of iron and unsaturated fatty acids and is most importantly full of vital antioxidants.

It's especially the latter ones that make cocoa an official superfood. The EU commission confirmed in a study the health effect of the high flavanol concentrations. They help to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels so that the blood can flow smoothly. We are actually allowed to to promote our products with this official seal of approval .

 Why we don't jump on the Superfood Train

The answer is quite simply that there are other things we care about. We believe that real superfood should do more than boost individual health. It should have a profound POSITIVE impact on the environment and communities in cultivation areas. And what's more: a product should perform well against objective criteria after the last processing step. And that is something our spiced cocoas do exceptionally well.

Not because of the additional superfoods such as Ceylon cinnamon (giving our Sinnerman Forte

 such a deeply rooted sweetness and eliminating the need for sugar) or the multi-talented ginger root (that suffuses our Dschindscha with just the right amount of spiciness).

What really matters: Appreciation. For instance for the cocoa ingredients we have been procuring in organic quality since we set up shop. And appreciation for the fields and soil that grow our raw materials. Another essential part of our mission is to work by official fair trade standards. We support cooperatives and their communities. Our high quality expectations help them to continually improve and generate an above-average income.

 Appreciation, Transparency, the best Taste – and no Frills

We recently joined the Slowfood movement, a move that tells you a lot about BecksCocoa. We stand for hand-made products and recommend you check out our Blog  in the next few weeks to find out what we mean by that. Our value chain is transparent, and in our formulas we have eliminated everything surplus to the unique BecksCocoa taste.

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In concrete terms this means for instance that our spices and plant extracts are natural products. As a sweetener we use nothing else than raw cane sugar, in some cases we even shed them completely. Additives and flavouring agents are a no-go for us. And just in case you muse why potassium carbonate is listed as an acidity regulator on the labels of our sugar-free cocoas: This is an ingredient in every commercially available drinking chocolate. However, it needs to be shown only on sugar-free formulas. So with that in mind you might just as well give us credit for listing everything that's in the tin.

Now let's look at the characteristics of potassium carbonate. Actually, it's the salt that originates from a reaction between potassium hydroxide and carbon dioxide. In everyday usage it's called potash. It balances the pH value of fatty cocoa beans to make sure the cocoa powder is soluble in cold milk. And that's a feature we don't want to deprive you of. While we put a lot of effort in our favourite superfood there's one thing we like to keep simple: enjoying a fragrant cup of premium cocoa. An experience to savour - naturally!

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