Chocolate Hot Cross Buns
An idea provided by  Heyfoodsister

While this Easter may turn out quite differently there remains one thing we NEVER want to sacrifice: a fancy Easter breakfast with all the trimmings. It is tragic we cannot invite the wider family and our friends this year, but we nonetheless want to celebrate the day with everything you'd expect. That's why we teamed up with BecksCocoa to plan an Easter brunch. The chocolate hot cross buns we came up with passed our baking test run immaculately to secure themselves a place a place on the breakfast table. 

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Traditions and allure

Strictly following traditions these sweet buns should only be eaten on Good Friday. They owe their name to the characteristic cross that is drawn with a flour paste before baking. Annalena came across this bread specialty during her au-pair year in London. That qualifies her to testify: Long before Easter every bakery café and supermarket is fragrant with mixed spice and a potpourri of dried fruits from hot cross buns.

Organic cocoa is a must

Admittedly, we don't get ecstatic when we find raisins, sultanas and the likes in bakery goods. That's why we prefer our own creation made with the excellent organic BecksCocoa. For a long time their fair trade cocoa has been the only one to find its way into my mug. And with a huge array of flavours from marzipan to mint there's never a lack of choice. In winter we warm our hearts with the Om-Chai while we slurp a a frappé come summer. And that their powders are also great for baking was proofed when we made this hot chocolate cake. 

Easterly Criollo presents

All varieties are hugely aromatic and full of organic raw materials. And it gets even better. They produce the cocoa back home in Bavaria where they fill it in sustainable 100% recyclable tin cans. (The deserve a gold star for that.) Still looking for an Easter present? We found the right gift when we added the Criollo cocoa to our hot cross buns. We are busy sending out the cans, along with the promise to organise as soon as possible a big get-together brunch with a rich choice of snacks. 

The best way to enjoy the buns is to spread salted butter on them while they are still warm. Mind you though, two days after baking they still made for a splendid snack after a short treatment in the toaster. Any leftovers beyond that are best kept in the freezer.

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