Chilled Chocolate
Chilled Chocolate 2.0 – 5 Recipes you're going to love

Chilled Chocolate 2.0 - 5 Recipes you're going to love

The renaissance of chilled chocolate picked up momentum last year when freakshakes emerged as THE trend setting drink on social media. This time of the year the wildly colourful, over the top hot chocolate creations are off on their summer break, making space for their chilled cousins. We have to admit the classic recipe is our favourite: two delicious scoops of vanilla ice cream bathing in luscious chocolate milk, slowly adding creaminess. After a sneaky sample of the cocoa-sprinkled whipped cream head the spoon slowly works it into the milk. Pure bliss...!

Feeling guilty about the calories? No need for that. There are alternatives! Our creative vein has come up with 5 new recipes. Enjoy the lovely weather with one of these summer drinks in hand without feeling guilty. Whether inside or outside: This is the summer of chilled chocolate - fresh, light and simply chilled!

Our chilled chocolate recipes can be invigorating, fruity, sparkling ... what they share is a fluffy texture, irresistible allure and that all-out holiday feeling: Our Chilled Coff…coa carries you away to a shaded spot in a mid-eastern bazaar, with a Hot Raspberry in hand you picture yourself on an Italian piazza, body and mind relaxed. And Orange Cube takes you to the Caribbean and turquoise waters ...

Find your favourite recipe, make yourself comfortable near the window, on the balcony or in the garden, pamper your taste buds and your chocolaty side, and don't forget to put your sunglasses on when you chill with chilled chocolate …!

Oh, and more thing: This tip is not about leisurely enjoyment for the #stayhome crowd: Make your favourite chilled chocolate and - since this is the time for home-made food - look up that incredible ice cream cone recipe on  before you bake off and  QUICKLY slurp, lick and feel fulfilling pleasure. And if DIY is not really your thing: just fill the good old glassware and parade out in the sun! Chilled Chocolate 2.0 – 5 Recipes you're going to love.


2 tsp BecksCocoa Frappé Nude

1 glass almond drink

2 scoops organic raspberry sorbet

Frozen red berries

For extra sweetness and guilty pleasure: 1 shot raspberry liqueur or Cointreau

Scoop the sorbet into a glass, pour chilled Frappé Nude on top, garnish with berries and enjoy! To start your evening with a sweet kick dash a shot of liqueur on top!


2 tsp BecksCocoa Before Nine

1 glass oat drink

2 scoops organic Stracciatella ice cream

Freshly picked mint leaves

To your liking: whipped cream on top or extra ice cubes


2 tsp BecksCocoa A Chockwork Orange

1 glass cocos drink

Freshly squeezed juice from 3 oranges (frozen in ice cube tray!)

Freshly clipped mint twig.

Stir cocoa powder into chilled cocos drink, pour over orange ice cubes and serve with fresh mint.


Cocoa sorbet:

4 tbsp BecksCocoa Especial No 5

2 glasses water

½ glass maple syrup/agave syrup

1 pinch of salt.

Champagne, prosecco or cremant

Freshly clipped rosemary twig.

To prepare the sorbet bring all ingredients to the boil, allow to cool down and freeze. Stir occassionally during all steps. Place one scoop into a champagne glass and pour the sparkly on top. Garnish and enjoy - ideally at sunset near your window, on the balcony or on your patio.


 3 tsp BecksCocoa T.E. Lawrence Mokka

1 glass organic milk

4-5 ice cubes

To your liking: 1 shot espresso extra

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