Aztec Love Potion “Chill Bill“ – a Recipe for Valentine's Day and beyond
Let Cocoa, Vanilla and Chili unleash their amorous Effect

Love Potion “Chill Bill“

Bitter, sweet and spicy hot at the same time: This love potion concocted by the Aztecs wields its tempting power not only on Valentine's Day and is guaranteed to impress. Part of a lavish breakfast this easy to prepare drink sets up an amorous day, it's an aperitif idea for a romantic dinner, a desert alternative and undoubtedly a hot alternative to prosecco and champagne.

Near-invisible steamy wafts rise from the simmering vanilla milk and gradually, but emphatically infuse the room with aromas that are both beguiling and relaxing. This ouverture for an unforgettable evening brings back memories and remains etched in our minds – nothing we can do about it. Are you planning to leave a lasting impression on Valentine's Day or any other occasion? Then what you need to do is to target as many of your lover's senses as possible. To achieve just that try our ancient love potion enriched with delicious vanilla milk. A “hot“ cocoa in the best sense of the word.

Cocoa, vanilla and chili – the agents of love

Each of the main ingredients – cocoa, vanilla and chili – has an effect on our body and mind. When the three are combined they are even more powerful. It's no coincidence that the Aztecs, the conquistadores and later on the European rulers got so infatuated with the new drink (that was brewed directly from ground cocoa beans in those days).  

Raw cocoa beans are bitter. To mitigate that harshness and to make them digestible they were enhanced with spices, another commodity that was briskly traded in South America then. Going by a Mexican fairy tale cocoa and vanilla had been inseparable long before:

A fairy tale and healthy facts

Once upon a time a young man called Xocolatl and the beautiful Vanila fell in love head over heels. But there was an evil wizard who resented their love. So he made her into a fragrant orchid and him into a tall, slender tree. This could not quell their love, however. The orchid twined around the tree and to this day, anyone who tries their fruits falls under the spell of their love.

That's how far the fairy tale goes. What is established as a truth is that the hot concoction made from cocoa, vanilla and other spices (such as chili or allspice) was known as “Xocolatl“ to the Maya and Aztecs and was a revered love potion. The Spanish conquistador Cortés then brought it to Europe where it stoked up the love life in royal palaces.

It is also a true fact that cocoa, vanilla and chili are stimulants that complement each other in a fantastic way. Cocoa positively affects the heart and metabolism and promotes feelings of lust and happiness. Capsaicin, an active component found in chili peppers, stimulates appetite, blood circulation and metabolic processes. The feeling of warmth it creates lifts spirits. Vanilla increases physical power, is an aphrodisiac and simply makes you happy.

With such a powerful trio in one cup you can be sure of a drink that delivers on its promise. be successful your content needs to be useful to your readers.

Pure harmony: vanilla and chili are the perfect side-kicks

As much as the Aztec love potion is a formidable instigator it also impresses with a finely tuned balance of tastes. One contributor here is vanilla, queen of spices – the other chili. It is added to recipes to bring out the specific flavour of other ingredients, which is exactly why we at BecksCocoa are so in love with our Chill Bill: The pulverised peppers elevate the mild fruity taste of our fair trade Criollo beans without overpowering them with their acridity.  

Of course, you can choose any other cocoa flavour for your Aztec love potion and add chili to your liking. But let's be honest: When you have the perfect blend at hand you gain extra time to build up that special sizzling atmosphere.

Ready for a tête-à-tête? Then go to our recipe!

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