As scentful as a Bunch of Summer Flowers
BecksCocoa's favourite Flavours for hot Days

Sun-ripened oranges on the taste buds? Or could it be that this refreshing touch of mint is what I need right now? Inhale the aroma of exotic holiday destinations or jump into a provençal lavender field? The range of scents you get with BecksCocoa matches that of a bunch of summer flowers. Dive into the wealth of sweet temptations. Here's the list with our summer favourites.

A Chockwork Orange pampers our taste buds with an impression of bitter cocoa and sun-ripened oranges. The perfect companion for a scoop of delicious vanilla ice when you sunbathe on a deck chair.

Before Nine is one of our favourite initiations to a summer day. Dropping your shoes, trotting across the terrace paving while it is still cool – and enjoying the subtle chocolate mint aroma. Can't get any better!

Ginger and a bit of cardamom: Dschindscha brings home the aromas and spices of far away countries. And with enough exotic places on our minds we are ready to plan the next trip.

Ok, admittedly Drachenherz is our all-year favourite. Pure bliss, not only in summer. And therefore an unmissable entry on this list. In case you haven't tried it by now: You have to enjoy it as if it were a cup of Earl Grey!

Close your eyes and smell the flavour of As I went out walking. And picture yourself in the middle of a lavender field in the Provençe. The perfect inspiration for the senses, a slice of holiday feeling for at home.

Looking for new ways to beef up your classic cocoa for the summer? Nothing easier than that. Just go to our Recipe Pages!

“My Thinking is built on Scents and Aromas.“
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